Halcyon Hong Kong


On top of the world on the cable car down from the Big Buddha

After a bit of a stressful week last week, all seems to have calmed down and James and I are currently recuperating and enjoying a long weekend after we were both unwell earlier this week. No wonder we felt so tired! It is officially Autumn now, and on cue, the weather has slightly cooled here in (still sunny) Perth.


These drums symbolise intentions for the New Year

What better way to serenade the summer that was than writing about my very muggy, yet fond, memories of Hong Kong over the Australia Day long weekend?! Part of my 19 for 2019 this year is to “Travel to someplace new” and also I had never ventured to Hong Kong in all my time at Emirates.

It is no secret that I can never say no to a trip – whether long haul or short hop is irrelevant- so when my mum asked if I’d join her and my step dad in Hong Kong for a few days, the answer was a resounding yes! I am so lucky to a) have staff travel benefits and b) have a new job within Qantas that grants me the flexibility to build my own roster/ hours. I packed my bag (not nearly over packing as much as I usually would) and off I set to the airport, back pack and an obscene number of books (ONE!) in tow.


I had planned to use my travel vouchers from work to fly with Qantas, but luck would have it that all the flights I needed to take were from the east coast and it would’ve taken me all day and night to reach the island. I ended up flying Cathay Pacific (which was lovely- I hadn’t flown them for quite some time- since Vancouver in 2015! Read about that here if you’d like to see me, 5 kgs heavier thanks to the wondrous magic of poutine, flop around on a snowboard. I watched Crazy Rich Asians after having read the book last time I was on a plane (how funny) and napped a bit thanks to my noise cancelling headphones.


I landed in Hong Kong, passed through customs with a little bit of clout (I was never given a landing card, and when I asked I was told I didn’t require one) and then walked smack-bang into my parents! I hadn’t seen them for almost 6 weeks, so it was a heart warming reunion. We met up with my step brother and his partner, and had some dumplings in the airport. I don’t really like airport food but apparently this place was renowned for Xiao Long Bao (aka dumplings filled with soup) so I happily tucked in. Not there even 5 minutes and I had my head buried in a steaming basket and sipped Jade Tea!



Chilling with the locals!


Big Buddha waving at us!

The rest of the day was spent exploring the Central Hong Kong area, and then heading out to the Big Buddha to inject some culture into our day. It was so temperate- clear skies, relatively low humidity, and hardly any smog! Winning!  My mum is a vegetarian coeliac and so food overseas can often be tricky for her. She subsided mainly on vegetarian spring rolls and Morning Glory greens for 4 days. Some of which, we ate at the Monastery of 1000 Buddhas. They were delicious!


Vego spring rolls in the most lovely setting!

That night, the boys went to drink (no thanks) so mum and I set out to find Gucci and Din Tai Fung.  A curious mix! We ended up finding the shops, by passing them and walking around about 18 km to Din Tai Fung on Causeway Bay Road (AGES away) and found the Taiwanese dumpling house that is world famous (and even boasts a Michelin Star rating!) We got there, and it was packed. My mum was starving and didn’t want to wait. I wanted to wait, after all I had found this place ALL BY MYSELF whilst reading a map in half bloody cantonese and half english. Alas, she was more jet lagged than me (having flown from LAX the night before) and she won. We vowed to return. Sushi and red wine it was before we passed out from doing over 47 000 steps that day.




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Taylor x


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