Island Vibes

Welcome back, me!

I feel like I start every post off with some rambling apology/ story about why I haven’t written, but the thing is, I simply haven’t had the time or felt the need to write. I am in two minds whether to continue writing this blog or not, because I haven’t travelled much more than the average person lately, and I’m not sure anyone wants to read about what’s going on anyway. I feel like podcasts are the new thing, but I hate the sound of my own voice, so that’s not an option!

The last time I wrote, I wasn’t having the best day, but I’m OK with that. No one is happy all day, every day and that’s life. Speaking of life, so much has happened in mine since then! We celebrated my best friend’s Bridal Shower, Hens and Wedding (in Hawaii!)  Then had our own little holiday of our own where we came back engaged!

We had such a wonderful time, and there is so much to share that I decided to do it in stages. I suddenly have lots of time to write, because I am away on a work conference and don’t have any friends in Melbourne at the moment! Instead of going out drinking with the rest of the people on the course, I opted to eat Greek food in the comfort of my hotel room with my Sephora face/ eye/ hand masks and write whilst waiting for James to call. Some things never change!

For starters, our trip began 3 days earlier than planned, because of staff travel. So many people asked me why we didn’t pay for full fare tickets and not have to stress. The answer is: why would you pay for something so expensive when you get to have it for a fraction of the price, with a bit of flexibility, and some added adventure?! So we cut our short Sydney stay in half and made do with a new plan.

It didn’t matter, though, because we managed to make it on the flight, even if we weren’t sitting together, at least we both had semi decent seats. I had a very vocal sleeper next to me, and I was the opposite of relaxed, but I thankfully I managed to write my Maid of Honour speech so it was time well spent! By the time we landed in Honolulu, we had been away from home for 3 days, and had not slept a wink. We didn’t care, because we were in Hawaii for the very first time!

After a quick freshen up, we went to find lunch (a burger) at the gigantic shopping mall near our hotel. We wandered around, James got his Starbucks fix and I found Target which sold affordable books and even more affordable wine! Bliss! We then moved onto the beach where I fell asleep, and woke up 45 minutes later to my find my podcast had ended, and that I the pattern of the grass moulded into my cheek. Pretty!

We made plans to meet ups with my parents, and we walked along the beach to a nice beach bar for famed fish tacos. They were great! We also got to wear Lei’s and I even received a couple of compliments on my outfit. This made me laugh, because I had genuinely packed my suitcase full of things that I was planning to leave behind, older bits and pieces that I thought I no longer needed. I ended up bringing most of it back because now those outfits remind me of our holidays! I digress.

What began as a nice evening with cocktails and tacos turned into a trip to Sephora with my mum whilst the boys went to a brewery. After a few drinks, we all called it a night. More than 72 hours since we slept horizontally (and not on the floor), we were more than ready for bed.

The next morning we went to the outlets (no easy feat considering I was up half of the night with food poisoning- something must’ve contained shellfish) and spent the best part of a day looking at the shops and I watched James look at men’s clothes. The outlets (apart from Calvin Klein and Michael Kors) were not really suited to female tastes. Well, not mine, anyway! The afternoon was spent at the beach again, and then we hired bikes (without helmets) and rode to whole foods so I could stare at the cheese displays and walk around and marvel at all the fruit and wine. Lucky we don’t have whole foods at home, or I would be broke! We even found some snacks for our trip the next day.

That night we trekked to a very questionable yet delicious burger chain for dinner. It was so far away, but well worth the walk!. We needed to burn off all of that food, anyway!

Our third day on the island, we made the trek to Diamond Head Crater. My parents had walked from their hotel, up the mountain, down and back again, and so we figured we could do the same!

We set about early in the morning, and by the time we had gotten to the bottom of the crater we were very hot and sweaty! We bumped into some friends (fellow guests at the wedding) and walked around with them for a bit. We took many photos, Taylor dropped her phone half way down the mountain and all in all it was a lovely morning, rounded out by drinking fresh pineapple juice from a fresh pineapple vendor from the side of the road!

After we had been eating so unhealthy, I asked Aly where we should go for a nice, healthy meal. We found the Island Vintage, which had authentic acai (ah-sah-ee) bowls that I had been dying to try! It was so busy that James went and sat down and I went to order for us. Knowing that he would be starving after walking 22km, I decided to order him a chicken sandwich and a coffee.

After repeating my order to myself roughly 20 times, for fear of stage fright, I got closer to the counter and saw he was sitting nearby. I mimed out “bowl” with my hands and said “do you want a bowl or food?” Meaning an acai bowl filled with fruit, or food (a sandwich). James thought I meant “poke bowl” because I kept talking about them too, so he gave me the thumbs up for a bowl and by the time I ordered 2 acai bowls and 2 coffees it occurred to me that my 6 foot 4 boyfriend who usually eats 5-6 meals a day had not eaten for 16 hours and walked a half marathon. Needless to say he was very disappointed with his pretty bowl of fruit and I ate both of them. Ooops.

We went back to the huge mall again (to find Barnes and Noble, that was basically hiding in the car park) and James was starving so he ordered a kebab to tide him over until dinner. I wasn’t very hungry and wanted to try a poke bowl. As karma (and luck) would have it, I was just about to shove a whole mouthful of what I thought was cabbage down my throat when James calmly pointed out that I was about to feed myself a mountain of crab meat, which I am also allergic to.

Poor James not only had to have fruit for lunch, but he had to eat my raw fish and crab meat that I ordered, and I got to eat his chicken kebab because I am not allergic to those. He really is a keeper!

The next day was the 4th of July, and the day that all of our friends were coming to join us for the wedding celebrations. Of course, I had started to develop my disgusting heat rash again (fun) and we spent the day trying to find me a linen shirt to hide my arm from the sun, whilst still looking social at the beach. I ended up looking like I belonged to some kind of folksy community with my linen shirt, linen playsuit and straw hat. Not ideal but I didn’t want the rash to get worse! We enjoyed hot dogs on the beach, with sweet pickle relish and very strong cocktails out of plastic cups. It was a dream. Then we met up with our friends, had more drinks, dinner, missed the fireworks and ate ice cream in the rain. So fun!

On our final day in the city, my parents collected us in their mustang convertible (don’t ask) and we dropped my mum at the shops, and Glenn, James and I went to Pearl Harbour, much to my mum’s dismay. I am a bit of a nerd and like museums and the odd historical book so I wanted to see it for myself! After, it was a bumper to bumper ride to Turtle Bay, to check into the resort where the wedding would soon take place!

More about that coming soon!

Taylor x

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